The importance of College practices

translations give importance to University practices of students and newly graduates in translation and interpretation. For this reason, we are committed to the training of new professionals, and through our internship program, we help them to develop their talent.

Following, is the testimony of one of our students in practices:

In each degree, students must perform to, thus, develop and apply the skills and knowledge we have acquired through our previous university stage.” Also, practices may play a key role in the learning of new knowledge or may even be useful to engage in the world of work, a world, often completely unknown to the student. Therefore, they are beneficial to learn how to act in a company or in a job. On many occasions, the company in which you do your practices can offer you a job once you have completed your studies, so it can serve also as a job opportunity to the student.


For many students, when the time comes to start practices displayed a sense of shame or even a kind of fear due to the fear of not knowing how to do nothing. This is a feeling that, despite being common, is not justified, since the practices represent a great opportunity both to apply the acquired knowledge, to expand these knowledge and even remember knowledge as forgotten, what reflects the same utility.

It is always said that the best learning system is one in which the practice, rather than the Memorization of concepts, something that is not usually applied in the education system are premium. Practices reward practice, and performing them in a translation company, you can really develop and practice what you have learned in terms of translation, but also in other related fields, that may not have explained both during your studies, such as alignment or transcription.

After four years in a career, what you want is to apply the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years to the world of work. Practices also have the function to show if the career you chose four years ago has been the successful, or if you like the job you had intended to play. In short, University practices are essential for any student and it is essential to develop them in a company that values you and that can apply and expand your knowledge.”